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Küat Racks

Küat Racks

Küat Racks

Out of stock!

Unfortunately we are totally sold out on all the Küat bike racks - like the NV2.0, NV Base, Sherpa, Trio and the Piston models. They will be back in stock for next year (2024).
We are sorry for all those of you wnated the coolest rack on the planet for this season!

Dirtbag in stock!

If you are looking for a fork mount bike rack for your pick-up, van, campervan or just to have in you garage or bike shed?

Have a look at the Dirtbag!

We are now clearing out all our Dirtbags for 2023 and have now included shipping in our prices for the dirtbag!

Why do you buy Küat Racks?


You want to have something that looks great on your car both with and without bikes or skis on it -and in colors that matches your car. 

It is designed by and for the enthusiasts! 


You need something that works for YOU and fit your needs.

Regardless if you are going skiing og biking - you need a rack that have the features and functionality that makes your day easier. 


This will be the last rack you ever buy! 

If something breaks- we fix it!

And the racks are built so solid that they don't break. 

Tivioactive Europe

Tivioactive Europe is the European branch of the Norwegian distributor Tivioactive AS. 

We are importing and distributing Küat Racks across Europe.

In addition we have other brands that we are distributing in different countries in the Nordics. 

Customers in Europe can buy Küat Racks directly in our webshop or through resellers in Europe.

We are currently shipping products to our European customers through our Swedish subsidiary - meaning all prices in our webshop now includes VAT for all EU citizens.