Küat Racks in Europe?

Küat Racks in Europe?

YES - Küat Racks are available in Europe! 

Küat Racks bike racks, ski racks and accessories are now available in Europe!! 

The Norwegian company Tivioactive AS have imported Küat to Europe for the last year and are now making the beautiful, stylish, functional and durable Küat products available to customers throughout Europe. 

Who are Küat Racks?

Küat Racks designs lightweight, stylish and easy-to-use products that help cyclists and adventurers get out and do more. What began as an idea for a better way to transport bikes in 2008 has evolved into a thriving company that creates high-end, awesomely engineered hitch racks, roof racks and accessories that push the envelope of innovation.

With a team of industry experts and avid cyclists, Küat is a machine fueled by bright ideas and heated debates. We consistently deliver innovative solutions that chase a perfect balance of style and substance with core function and simplicity.


Küat designs and produces products for enthusiasts, experts, beginners and everyone that want something that stands out from the rest and delivers on the high expectations you have to these products. In addition they offer a Lifetime Warranty - that is a true lifetime warranty - something happens - we fix it. 

We are shipping from our warehouse in Norway to all countries in Europe.