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Ski rack for car : Küat GRIP

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Küat Grip - coolest ski rack for car

Ski/snowboard racks need to do one thing well: hold your stuff safely and securely. Ours does a lot more, and awesomely.

This ski rack for car is easy to install on any roof rails, has a handy slide-out feature to load and unload without climbing on your vehicle, and a look that says you don’t cut corners (but you do like to carve on the slopes). 

Küat Grip - a ski rack for car that has a tonne of features and functionality:

FLIP™ MOUNT SYSTEM Allows for quick install or removal   
GripLock rubber securely holds skis or snowboards of varying size    
Slide out design makes for easy loading and unloading       
Metal outer shell provides unmatched strength and finish  
Both GRIP and FLIP Mount System are fully locking      
Large Intuitive Handle for easy open and close

Lifetime no-worries warranty


Weight: 7,1 kg
Length: 75 cm
Loading area: 57 cm

Weight :10,4 kg
Length: 104 cm
Loading area: 84 cm

Maximum size roof rack (when using Flip Mount) 10,7cm x  5,08cm

Fit guide 

User manual